My first Political debate and Rant on Illegal Immigrants

    As I have become more and more concerned with the state of our Government I decided to research our local District 5  Congressional candidates. I am a conservative at heart and I would even go as far to say I am a compassionate Conservative. I say compassionate because I have strong feelings about the plight of children stuck in fatherless homes in government housing and Illegal Immigrants who come to America not to break laws and take money out of our pockets but weigh the risk and come here to provide for their families. In many cases the Mexican Government promotes and encourages their citizens to cross the and send money back to Mexico. I ask, If you were in their shoes and had the choice to live in less than 3rd world conditions,would you try to find a way out? If you had the worlds largest economic engine called America right  next door that does little to nothing to keep you from crossing the  and obtaining a job would you consider it? What do you have to lose? You have no hope in your home country. American is your only hope. The risk of being caught is worth it to have hope. Hope is something we as Americans take for granted. Live a day in their shoes is all I ask. Now, I am against Illegal Immigration. I think it is sucking down our economy and killing hospitals and school districts financially. So how do I suggest to fix the problem?

           It is easy! First, Close the border! A freaking 20 foot double wall with 10k volts would do the trick. If we can afford to buy GM and run it as a government we can build a fence and afford to staff a border patrol. Once the fence is built and staffed then we provide programs to legalize those who are here illegally. Call it whatever you want. Amnesty, second chance, grandfather immigrant, who cares! These people came here because it was their only hope for a decent life. If you were in their shoes you would be here too. Reagan provided Amnesty but the flaw was no borders were closed! Once Amnesty is provided you have to be able to STOP the flow of new Illegals looking for Amnesty. It is a one time deal. Part of the citizen program would be to issue government worker status cards. Then they have to learn ENGLISH! The rest of the citizen process is already in place. It may take a couple of years for them to become Legal citizens but we will be collecting taxes on  their new legal employment during that time. Once we have these illegals in the system then work on the final step and develope a new immigrant system to allow more to participate in the American Dream.

  For the first time ever I attended a public debate for Alabama District 5 congress. This covers most of north Alabama. I have picked a candidate that I think shares my values and have donated money also for the first time. For the second time in my life I have a candidates sign in my front yard. It is time for all of use to stand behind our convictions and get involved in our government. I know I have decided to participate will You?


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